About us

OneClick Racing Suspension was established in 2009.

Since then we’ve been working with many riders of different skill levels and preferences. We strongly believe, that proper suspension performance is a major advantage for any level rider. It doesn’t matter how fast or how old you are, there’s always room for improvement.

OneClick Racing Suspension offers the most up to date suspension technology that is available today with many modification options from amateurs to PRO-riders. We strive to gain advantage and are always on a search for a perfect ride. That is why we use only the best quality special parts and products, whether it’s just a regular service, a complete revalve or any other suspension modification imaginable.

We work with every leading manufacturer’s suspension, including KYB, Showa, WP and Öhlins.

Our crew is trained and certified by top suspension manufacturers and tuners like WP Performance Systems GmbH (Austria), Öhlins Racing AB (Sweden), Race Tech Inc. (USA) and Technical-Touch BVBA (Belgium).

We are official dealer/technical center of world’s top suspension manufacturers:

  • WP Suspension GmbH (Austria);
  • Technical-Touch BVBA (Belgium) for KYB genuine and racing parts;
  • Genuine Parts Europe S.L. for Showa genuine and racing parts;
  • Öhlins Racing AB / Öhlins Europe for Öhlins genuine and racing parts.

OneClick Racing Suspension also represent some top US suspension companies (like Paul Thede’s Race Tech Inc. and Factory Connection Inc.) with their parts and products for all major suspension brands.

For our in-house suspension regular service and racing modifications, parts and products or personal inquiry’s and dealership applications, please check out our website, online store or contact us directly via e-mail!